Destin Fishing is Year Round

December, January, February

The colder winter months provide some great sight fishing for redfish in the upper bays. The lowest tides of the year mean tailing redfish, with some large schools to be found. Also, along the gulf side beaches winter bonitas (false albacore) can provide some great action.

March, April, May

As the gulf water approaches 70 degrees, beach side fishing really heats up with the arrival of fish from southern waters. Schools of jack crevalle, Spanish mackerel, blue fish, pompano and ladyfish begin showing along the beaches providing excellent sport for the flyrod. Also, this area offers some world class cobia fishing with some huge fish. Annually 100 plus pound cobia are landed from the Destin waters.

Bayside, spring is the best time of the year to catch large speckled trout. As the water warms, speckled trout fishing heats up as the fish move from their winter holes onto the grass flats and open bay.

June, July, August

Summer probably offers the widest variety of fishing in our area, and the greatest number of people on and off the water.

The annual tarpon migration is getting more and more attention. Mature tarpon migrate east to west along the beaches. A day spent staked out sight casting to these fish will provide more shots than you could imagine, just be careful of the addiction factor. This is probably the best light tackle gamefishing this area has to offer.

Flyfishing the reefs and wrecks for amberjack, mackerel and others is as good as it gets this time of the year. 9-11 weight rods loaded with sinking flylines fished over good bottom can keep an angler busy.

September, October, November, December

As long as tropical weather systems stay away, fall fishing and weather can be unbeatable. Beachside, all the fishes that arrived in the spring are now heading towards warmer places, except this time they have had a summer to fatten up. Light tackle flyfishing along the beaches can be very good. The action is fast and a lot of it on the surface. Huge schools of very small baitfish provide plenty of feed for a variety of gamefish.

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